About Us

Who we are?

Maximo-Moto is an imaginative step within the world of Irish calfskin showcase. Not as it were we center on your calfskin needs but too accept in aestheticizing each of our items concurring to your individual taste. We moment the finest quality calfskin to guarantee our customers’ desires are met to the highest level. As we accept in client comes to begin with our logic is obvious, we offer you:

  • Highest quality leather with a great price tag
  • 100% Money back guarantee
  • Return of goods

Maximomoto.co.uk could be a site propelled as a press as it were trade stage for an UK Company enlisted as Unit 8 Astle Stop Off Cronehills Linkway West Bromwich West Midlands, UK.

Our Journey:

amateur endeavor was at first made in 2016, begun from presenting our items in Irish and UK advertise on trial premise. To our shocktremendous showcase request induced us to center more on overwhelming obligation calfskin items counting biking must-haves. After two a long time of effective testing in 2018, we set our foot within the world of UK calfskin e-commerce entrances as maximomoto.co.uk

Our Mission:

Our mission is straightforward and clear; we get it calfskin is more than a extravagance now and then. It gets to be a vital require when beneath the obstruction of plasticised texture our defrosting skin chokes and needs for a float of new discuss. Here we step in to supply you best quality leather for a cost you'll be able manage with a grinning confront and we are able offer with a enormous warm embraceActuating your skin to cherish you for each snuffle it takes from our breathable genuine calfskin items!!!

Our Products:

We have propelled our site with a assortment of Calfskin merchandise and with a colossal extension arrange within the pipeline. We have an outright center on the Bikers Calfskins and have included items in our stock where we offer certified tall quality biker items with a extraordinary cost tag.

Currently, we have

Biker Jackets

Biker Suits

Biker Gloves

Biker Boots

Biker Pants

Biker Helmets

Biker Accessories

Feel free to check the size guide for all our products.

Being Human:

We Believe in Social Services so 2% pf every sale goes to different charities in the areas we import leather from to make the lives of people easy. We hope to increase the percentage with the growth of our Business

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