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Taller and Tougher: Explore Motorcycle Boots with Extra Height

by Maximo Moto 25 Apr 2024 0 Comments

Have you ever wondered why some bikers look more imposing than others on the road? Is it just the bike, or could it be something as simple as their boots? If you want to add stature and style to your riding gear, motorcycle boots with extra height might be your perfect match. But what makes them so special, and why should you consider adding a pair to your wardrobe?

Stick with us to discover how these riding boots can transform your riding experience and why Maximo Moto is your go-to source in the UK for the best motorcycle riding gear designed for your specific riding style. Extra-height motorcycle boots give riders more protection and support, particularly for those with longer legs or who choose a higher boot style.

Typically, the base of these boots is higher and reaches further up the leg, providing more stability, ankle support, and coverage.

Why Extra Height in Motorcycle Boots Matters?

Extra height in motorcycle boots isn't just about making you taller. It's about combining function with fashion to enhance your safety and presence on the road. Tall boots offer improved leg protection, especially around critical areas like the ankles and calves.

The Dual Benefits: Protection and Presence

These boots are not just protective gear but a style statement. They protect against road debris, weather elements, and provide essential support during falls. Plus, they give you a commanding presence, making you more visible to other riding enthusiasts on the road.

Features to Look for in Tall Motorcycle Boots

When shopping for tall motorcycle boots, there are several key features to consider:

  • Material: The best boots combine durability and breathability. Look for materials that offer weather resistance without compromising on protection and comfort.
  • Fit and Comfort: A good fit is crucial. Ensure there's enough room for comfort, but not so much that it compromises support. Padding and insole quality can also make a big difference in long rides.
  • Innovative Design Features: From reinforced toe caps to heat-resistant soles, modern motorbike shoes with extra height come equipped with features designed to enhance safety and performance.

5 Best Motorcycle Boots with Extra Height

When it comes to choosing the best motorbike boots with extra height, several options stand out for their superior protection, comfort, and style. Here's a rundown of the top five picks that can elevate your riding experience:

1- Bela Senior Motorcycle Boots

The Bela Senior Boots, a trusted choice among riders, offer extra height without compromising on comfort, protection, snug fit, style, and agility on long routes. These high-ankle motorbike boots, IAP and CE-approved, feature a robust design with reinforced protection in critical areas like the shin, toe, sole, heel, and ankle. Crafted from high-quality vintage microfibre material, they also feature a water-resistant lining and non-slip rubber sole, ensuring reliability in all-weather riding. 

2- Alpinestars Tech 7 Enduro Motorcycle Boots


The Alpinestars Tech 7 Motorcycle Boots, a testament to durability and performance, are ideal for riders seeking extra height and advanced protection with a classic look. Their sleek design ensures maximum coverage and protection, even in your shin area. They are CE-certified to meet ‌British safety standards. Crafted from tough and weather-resistant materials, they are built to last, offering long-lasting performance. Besides being stylish and protected, these riding shoes provide maximum comfort for a long day of riding without compromising agility. 

3- BELA Air Tech WR Touring Boots


Introducing the BELA Air Tech WR Touring Boots, a performance powerhouse designed to protect and elevate your riding experience. Offering extra height with ‌long rack handles and a knee-high fit, they are a staple in ‌the motorcycle gear world. Equipped with an innovative control system that provides advanced ankle protection and supports natural movement with accordion panels at the front and back, these boots are a game-changer for any rider.

The Air-Tech riding shoes integrate shock-proof ankle protection and provide a high level of abrasion resistance with their synthetic leather material. They're great for tourers who need top-tier safety gear for their long day rides.

4- Oxford Continental Men Motorcycle Long Boots


Oxford Continental Motorcycle Boots are designed for urban touring and offer the utmost protection, comfort, and height. They feature a padded calf collar and a double-zippered closure system to fit a variety of leg sizes. These high-ankle shoes offer excellent protection with their durable ankle and reinforced heel counter. 

Oxford Continental Motorcycle Boots, designed for urban touring, offer the utmost protection, comfort, and height. They feature a padded calf collar and a double-zippered closure system to fit a variety of leg sizes. These high-ankle shoes offer excellent protection with their durable ankle and reinforced heel counter. They also include an air ventilation system, ensuring comfort for long rides in warmer climates. This pair of touring motorbike shoes is easy to wear with an easy rear pull loop. This stylish pair of durable leather boots is CE-certified for level 2 protection. They have a reinforced insole, anti-slip multi-density outsole, ankle protectors, a reinforced PU toe box, and shin protection.

5- Oxford Valentina Women Riding Boots


For adventure riders, the Oxford Valentina Women's Boots provide the extra height, CE-certified protection, stylish appearance, and comfort necessary for tackling rugged terrain. They are the epitome of advanced motorcycle footwear, made with genuine leather and equipped with a durable rubber grip sole for exceptional traction. Their lightweight yet durable design makes them ideal for on and off-road adventures, with a waterproof membrane for weather resistance.

At Maximo Moto, we pride ourselves on providing top-quality riding gear that meets the needs of bikers across the UK.

Why Choose Maximo Moto?

We offer a vast selection of boots that combine safety with style, all crafted from the finest materials.

Our Commitment to Quality and Style

Our boots are designed to meet rigorous safety standards while ensuring you look great on and off your bike.

Touring vs. Racing: What's Best for You?

Whether you need solid touring boots or high-performance racing boots, choosing depends on your primary use. Touring boots emphasize comfort and durability, while racing boots focus on speed and agility.

Don't wait! Visit Maximo Moto now and find the perfect pair of tall motorcycle boots to suit your style and needs.


Choosing the right pair of tall motorbike shoes involves considering protection, comfort, and style. Each riding footwear listed above offers a unique set of features to cater to different riding needs and preferences. Whether you're into racing, touring, or off-road adventures, there's a boot here that can enhance your safety and elevate your style. Don't forget to check out Maximo Moto for the latest styles and innovations in motorcycle boots and gear. Gear up and ride confidently, knowing you're well-protected and looking great.


What are the main benefits of motorcycle boots with extra height? 

Extra height in motorcycle boots provides better protection and a more imposing presence, enhancing safety and style.

How do I choose the right size for tall motorcycle boots? 

Measure your foot and calf size accurately and consult the sizing chart specific to the brand to ensure a snug, comfortable fit.

Can tall motorcycle boots be worn off the bike? 

Absolutely! These boots are designed not only for safety but for style, making them suitable for casual wear as well.

What features should I look for in high-quality motorcycle boots? 

Look for durable materials, weather resistance, proper ventilation, reinforced protection zones, and ergonomic design.

Are there different boots for touring and racing? 

Yes, touring boots are built for comfort and durability, while racing boots are optimized for speed and agility.

How often should I replace my motorcycle boots? 

Replace your boots when they show signs of severe wear or if the protective features like toe and ankle reinforcements are compromised.

Does Maximo Moto offer boots suitable for both men and women?

Yes, we offer a wide range of boots catering to men and women, ensuring maximum protection, quality, and style for everyone.

What makes Maximo Moto different from other motorcycle gear providers? 

Our commitment to quality at the lowest prices, extensive selection, and focus on customer satisfaction set us apart in the motorcycle gear market.

"Stay ahead of the trends with our latest collection, including stylish, innovative designs for conservative and daring bikers."