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The Best Electric Motorcycles and Scooters for UK Touring

by Maximo Moto 01 May 2024

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to whiz through the stunning landscapes of the UK without a single drop of petrol? Are you ready to discover the best electric motorcycles and scooters for your 2024 adventures? Let's dive in and explore why these smooth, silent machines might be your new travel buddies!

In the UK, electric scooters and motorbikes are becoming increasingly popular for touring because they are accessible and environment-friendly. These motorbikes are perfect for extended road trips because they ride smoothly and silently.

A few of the most appreciated electric motorbikes for travelling in the UK include the Energica Ego, Harley-Davidson Livewire, and Zero SR/F. These motorcycles are great for touring the UK's scenic countryside and curving roads because of their remarkable performance and impressive capacity.  

Why Choose Electric Ride for Your Next UK Tour?

The charm of electric motorcycles extends beyond their green credentials. These bikes offer a serene journey with less noise and zero emissions, allowing you to enjoy the UK's picturesque backdrops in pure peace. But what's sparking this electric revolution? Let's find out.

The Rise of Electric Motorcycles

Electric motorbikes are not just about quiet and eco-friendly rides; they're a testament to how far technology has come. With advancements in battery life and motor efficiency, these touring motorbikes are no longer just for short city trips but are now robust enough for long-distance touring.

Benefits of Electric Motorcycle Touring

Imagine cruising through the rolling hills of the Cotswold's or the rugged Scottish Highlands without stopping for fuel. Electric touring motorcycles mean fewer pit stops, lower running costs, and importantly, a less environmental footprint. 

The reduction in carbon emissions and noise pollution is a boon for eco-conscious travelers. Additionally, the UK's expanding network of charging stations means you can venture further with ease.

Top Electric Motorcycles for Touring in the UK

When it comes to selecting the perfect electric motorcycle for your tour, consider models that are known for their range, comfort, and reliability. Here are a few top contenders:

1- Zero SR/F: The All-Rounder

This bike prioritizes performance as much as appearances. With a range that pushes boundaries and a quick recharge time, the Zero SR/F is perfect for those who want to push their touring to new limits. This model is renowned for its robust performance and versatility. With a range of up to 200 miles per charge and rapid recharging capabilities, the Zero SR/F is ideal for those who refuse to compromise on freedom and flexibility.

2- Harley-Davidson Livewire: The Icon Reimagined

It's the Harley you know and love, but electric. The Livewire brings a classic feel to the modern electric scene, ideal for those who crave nostalgia blended with innovation. It's perfect for riders looking to combine tradition with modern technology, providing a unique heritage.

3- Energica Ego: Italian Excellence

For those who adore Italian craftsmanship, the Energica Ego combines high/top speeds with luxurious design, making it a top pick for style-conscious riders. The Energica Ego is for those who demand performance and style. It's a powerhouse that turns heads and corners with equal poise.

4- The Energica Experia: Built for Touring

Designed from the ground up for touring, the Experia is your go-to for long-range comfort and impressive luggage capacity. It's the tourer's dream. Built for touring, the Experia offers unmatched comfort and ample storage for all your touring essentials. It's the ultimate tourer's choice for extensive journeys.

Choosing Your Electric Touring Partner

Choosing the perfect electric motorcycle is like owning the right travel partner. Every spec, from torque and kwh to regenerative braking tyre types, can affect your ride. You want reliability, comfort, and, importantly, compatibility with your journey needs.

Consider the following for choosing an electric motorcycle:

  • Range and Charging: How far can the bike go on a single charge, and how quickly can it be recharged?
  • Comfort and Handling: Is the bike comfortable for long rides? How does it handle ‌various terrains?
  • Weight and Storage: Is the bike light enough for effortless agility? Does it have enough storage for your gear?

Maximo Moto offers top-quality riding apparel that promises comfort, style, and protection. Whether it's helmets, jackets, or gloves, we've got you covered.

Why Choose Maximo Moto Gear?

Our high-quality motorcycle gear is designed with the rider in mind. It promises comfort and ensures you look good and stay safe. From Sleek designs to advanced protective materials, Maximo Moto gear is your ultimate riding companion, whether it's helmets, jackets, or gloves.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What to Look for in a Touring Electric Motorcycle?

A1: Consider range, charging time, comfort, and storage options. Each factor plays a crucial role in determining how well the bike suits your touring ambitions.

Q2: How far can an electric motorcycle go?

A2: Depending on the model, expect a range of 100 to 200 miles on a single charge.

Q3: What insurance do I need for an electric motorcycle?

A3: Standard motorcycle insurance applies, but mention it's electric as some insurers offer green vehicle discounts.

Q4: What license do I need to ride an electric motorcycle?

A4: Depending on the bike's power, you'll need at least a CBT and a motorcycle endorsement on your driver's license. You also need the same license as you would for a petrol motorcycle, typically a category A license. 

Q5: Do electric motorcycles have gears?

A5: Most electric motorcycles operate without traditional gears and feature a direct drive system.

Q6: Can you convert a petrol motorcycle to electric power?

A6: Yes, conversion kits are available, but ensure they meet UK road legality standards.

Q7: Why are electric motorbikes so expensive?

A7: High initial costs are due to advanced battery technology and engineering but expect lower running costs.

Q8: What should I look for in electric motorcycle insurance?

A8: Look for policies that cover battery damage and offer roadside assistance for electric vehicles.

Q9: Can you tour on electric bikes?

A9: Absolutely! With increasing range and charging stations, electric bikes are great for touring.

Q10: What are the pros and cons of electric motorcycles?

A10: Pros: Eco-friendly, lower running costs, less maintenance. 

Cons: Higher initial cost, charging time.

Q11: What are the main benefits of electric motorcycles?

A11: They offer lower running costs, less maintenance, environmental benefits, and a unique riding experience.


Are you ready to experience the future of motorcycle touring? With so many impressive electric motorcycles available, now is the perfect time to consider making the switch. If you are looking for motorcycle gear for your electric bike in the UK; Visit Maximo Moto to find the ideal motorbike apparel to complement your new ride and feel the difference in every mile!

Embrace the quiet revolution of electric motorcycles and make your next UK tour not just a journey but a statement. With the array of options available, there's never been a better time to switch to electric.

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