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Safety Standards for Motorcycle Clothing in the UK

by Maximo Moto 06 Jan 2024 0 Comments

UK Motorcycle Clothing Safety Standards

How motorcycle clothing is rated for its defensive abilities encountered a significant change a couple of years ago. From jackets to gloves and everything in between, safety must be their considerable preference for motorcycle clothing of British riders. In the UK, adhering to safety standards is not just about staying safe; it's often a legal obligation.

Understanding the safety standards for motorbike apparel is essential for every rider, and all motorcycle racing suits, boots, helmets, jackets, and gloves must comply. We will provide a detailed guide to help you make informed choices regarding your gear.

Safety Standards for Motorcycle Clothing

Motorcycle clothing is designed to protect riders from the various risks associated with riding. Maximo Moto outlined the critical safety standards you should look for when buying motorcycle clothing.

motorcycle safety standards uk info graphicThese standards help riders by:

1- Enhancing Safety: Safety standards ensure that motorcycle riding gear is rigorously tested for its ability to protect riders in various conditions, including impact protection, abrasion resistance, and seam strength, as these safety features are critical for reducing the severity of injuries in accidents.

2- Minimizing Legal Risks: In the UK, safety standards are often mandatory, reducing the possibility of legal penalties like fines or restrictions. Wearing protective gear that meets these standards lowers the chance of facing legal issues.

3- Optimizing Comfort and Performance: Advanced safety standards prioritize protection and rider's comfort, ensuring that gear meets these measures and is designed to provide both. Proper fitting and comfortable motorbike clothing can significantly improve riders' concentration and overall riding experience.

4- Reducing the Severity of Injuries: Gear conforming to safety standards can help mitigate the physical consequences of accidents. Helmets, for example, are designed to absorb and disperse impact energy, reducing the risk of head injuries.

5- Ensuring Visibility: High-visibility standards like BS EN 471 improve rider visibility, especially in low-light conditions, reducing the risk of accidents caused by motorists not noticing other riders, particularly in adverse weather or night rides.

6- Long-Term Durability: Safety standards are crucial for the durability and longevity of motorbike gear, ensuring it can withstand daily riding rigors and provide extended protection over time, ensuring consistent performance for riders.

Educational Value: These safety standards have raised awareness among riders worldwide about the worth of an elevated level of protective gear.

(CE || UKCA Standards Explained); Helmets - BS 6658:1985

  • The BS 6658:1985 standard is the legal requirement for motorcycle helmets in the UK.
  • Look for the BSI Kitemark sticker inside the helmet, indicating compliance meet with UNECE Regulation 22.05.
  • Full-face helmets offer the best protection by covering the entire head.
  • Choose the right size and ensure a snug fit for maximum protection.

motorcycle helmets safety standards CE And UK CA

Jackets, Trousers, and Gloves - CE || UKCA Standards

  • CE (Conformité Européenne) and UKCA certification EN 17092 is a mark of safety for motorcycle clothing all over the globe.
  • CE-rated gear is tested for abrasion resistance, impact protection, and seam strength.
  • Jackets, trousers, and gloves should have CE & UKCA-rated armors at impact zones.
  • The levels of Some gear are rated for specific riding types (e.g., Class "A," "AA," and "AAA" for urban riding).

Class A: For biking in cities as well, but with impact protectors.

Class AA: Better fit for touring equipment.

Class AAA: The highest possible level of protection as defined by the standard.

Motorcycle apparel safety standards CE And UK CA

High-Visibility - BS EN 471 Standard

  • For added safety, consider high-visibility clothing, especially for low-light conditions.
  • BS EN 471 standard ensures that high-visibility gear meets specific criteria for brightness and visibility.
  • High-visibility suits/rain suits, jackets, or accessories can be worn over regular motorcycle clothing.

hi-visibility motorcycle apparel safety standards CE And UK CA

Boots - EN 13634 Standard

  • Boots should meet the EN 13634 standard for motorcycle-specific footwear.
  • Look for the CE or UKCA label and symbols indicating whether the boots provide ankle protection.
  • A secure and comfortable fit is crucial to ensure proper protection.

motorcycle boots safety standards CE And UK CA

Armor and Back Protectors - EN 1621 Standard

  • Armor and back protectors should conform to the EN 1621 standard.
  • "Type A" protectors are designed for flexible areas, while "Type B" protectors are for rigid areas.
  • Check whether the gear comes with CE and UKCA-rated armor or consider upgrading it.

motorcycle body armour safety standards CE and UK CA

Special Note: Reflective Materials

  • Reflective materials enhance visibility at night.
  • Many motorcycle clothing items have strategically placed reflective accents.
  • You can also add reflective features or accessories for increased visibility.

Special Instruction: Maintaining Your Gear

  • Regularly inspect your gear for wear and tear.
  • Clean and maintain it according to the manufacturer's guidelines.
  • Replace damaged or worn-out gear promptly to ensure continued protection.

Special Note: The safety ratings should be considered when you're looking for motorbike gear, as they may significantly impact your purchasing decisions.


Safety standards for motorcycle clothing in the UK are in place to protect riders; it's not just about complying with the law; it's about protecting your well-being. When purchasing motorcycle riding gear, always look for the relevant CE and UKCA safety standards or certifications and prioritize comfortable fit for maximum protection. Riding safely starts with your choice of clothing.


This infographic article provides general information on safety standards for motorcycle clothing in the UK. Always refer to official regulations and seek professional advice for your region's specific requirements and legal obligations.

Maximo Moto offers an extensive range of CE and UKCA-approved motorcycle clothing to meet your needs. Visit us today at Unit 8, Astle Park Outlet, Off Cronehills Linkway, West Bromwich B70 8NS, to avail yourself of the fantastic offers on motorbike armoured gear for your upcoming adventurous rides.

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