Alpinestars Andes V3

Alpinestars Andes V3 at Maximo Moto UK

Maximo Moto UK proudly introduces the "Alpinestars Andes V3" collection, a standout choice for adventurers and touring enthusiasts. This line, known for its durability, comfort, and innovative design, is ideal for riders who demand high performance from their gear, no matter the terrain or weather.

Top-Notch Performance and Comfort

The Alpinestars Andes V3 series is crafted to support riders on their most challenging adventures. With a focus on versatility, these jackets and trousers provide exceptional protection against the elements, thanks to the advanced waterproof and breathable Drystar membrane.

Ultimate Protection

Safety is paramount in the Andes V3 range. Equipped with CE-certified protectors and reinforced with abrasion-resistant material, this gear is designed to offer superior impact protection while maintaining flexibility and comfort.

Designed for the Journey

All-Weather Capability

The Andes V3 gear is your perfect companion for all-weather riding. Features such as removable thermal liners and direct ventilation systems ensure you can adapt to changing conditions, staying warm in the cold and cool in the heat.

Practical Features

Beyond its protective qualities, the Andes V3 line includes practical features like waterproof pockets, adjustable fitment, and reflective details, making it as functional as it is protective.

Pricing Comparison

Alpinestars Andes V3 jackets and trousers offer exceptional value, balancing premium quality with affordability. Jackets are priced from around £200 to £250, providing all-season protection and versatility. Trousers range from £150 to £200, complementing the jackets with the same level of durability and weatherproofing.

When compared to other all-weather riding gear, the Alpinestars Andes V3 collection stands out for its combination of quality, performance, and price, making it a wise investment for riders seeking reliable gear.\

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Q: Can the thermal liner be removed in warmer weather? A: Yes, the Andes V3 gear comes with a removable thermal liner, making it suitable for riding in various climates.

Q: Is the Andes V3 gear suitable for off-road riding? A: Absolutely. While designed with touring in mind, the durability and protection of the Andes V3 range make it suitable for off-road adventures as well.

Q: How do I clean my Andes V3 jacket or trousers? A: Follow the care instructions on the label. Generally, hand washing in cold water with mild detergent is recommended to preserve the protective features.