Alpinestars Gloves Leather

Crafted for those who demand the best in safety and style, these gloves are a testament to Alpinestars' commitment to excellence. Designed with the passionate motorcyclist in mind, each pair is a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern innovation, offering unmatched protection and a touch of elegance to your riding gear.

Experience the Alpinestars Difference

Alpinestars Leather Gloves are more than just a part of your attire; they're an extension of your journey on the road. Made with premium leather, they promise durability and comfort, moulding to your hands for a perfect fit over time. Whether cruising through city streets or taking on the open road, these gloves provide the tactile feedback and protection you need, ensuring every ride is a memorable one.

For Every Adventure

  • Sport Riding: Designed for the thrill-seeker, featuring advanced protection systems for high-speed adventures.
  • Touring: Offers all-day comfort and versatile weather protection, perfect for exploring new horizons.
  • Urban Commuting: Combines sleek design with practical safety features for the modern rider.
  • Adventure Touring: Rugged and ready for anything, providing maximum durability and protection against the elements.

Features That Set Them Apart

  • Superior Protection: Incorporating Alpinestars' exclusive knuckle protection technology and reinforced palm areas for superior abrasion resistance.
  • Ergonomic Design: Pre-curved finger construction and ergonomic wrist closures ensure a snug, comfortable fit and easy mobility.
  • Climate Control: Ventilated options available for warm weather riding, as well as insulated models for cooler conditions.
  • Touchscreen Compatibility: Stay connected without the need to remove your gloves, thanks to integrated touchscreen-friendly fingertips.

Committed to Riders and the Environment

At Maximo Moto UK, we share Alpinestars' dedication to sustainability, offering products that not only protect riders but also the environment. Our leather gloves are sourced responsibly, ensuring minimal impact on the planet.


Q: How do I care for my Alpinestars leather gloves? A: Regularly clean them with a soft, damp cloth. For deeper cleans, use a leather-specific cleaner. Condition them occasionally to keep the leather soft and supple.

Q: Will these gloves break in? A: Yes, natural leather adapts to your hand shape over time, ensuring a perfect fit after a few rides.

Q: Are these gloves waterproof? A: Some models offer water-resistant features, but for full waterproofing, look for gloves with a waterproof membrane in the product description.

Q: What's the return policy? A: Unused gloves can be returned in their original packaging within a set period. Details can be found on our website.

Choose Alpinestars Leather Gloves from Maximo Moto UK for a fusion of style, comfort, and unparalleled protection on your riding adventures.