Oxford Motorcycle Alarms

In the empire of motorcycle security, the emphasis on protecting one's bike cannot be overstated. With the rise in motorcycle thefts, investing in a robust security system is not just advisable; it's imperative. Oxford Motorcycle accessories and alarms stand at the forefront of this protective measure, offering riders peace of mind with their advanced, user-friendly, and highly effective anti-theft solutions.

Motorcycle Alarms Combined Locks

Physical security is the most useful barrier, and our selection of chain locks, disc locks, lever locks, and padlocks will stop thieves.

Hence, whether you're searching for a basic, portable disc lock or a strong chain and padlock for your bike in the garage, there will be something to fit any budget. The Oxford alarm and immobilizer system is a cutting-edge security package that prioritizes bike security and rider safety.

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As we've previously pointed out, adding additional layers of security to your bike's surroundings is essential to prevent it from being stolen, and Oxford Motorcycle Alarms can be a fantastic addition. These Security Alarms aim to scare away thieves and deter them from attempting to take your bike.

The alarm and physical lock combo offers a multilayered barrier to any robber attempting to steal the motorcycle you parked on the roadside or in the street. We've explored why Oxford's security systems, including the acclaimed Oxford Lever Lock Alarm, Alpha Alarm Disc Lock, and an array of other high-quality locks, are essential for every rider's peace of mind.

Advanced Motorcycle Security

Motorcycle robbery is a persistent issue, prompting the need for advanced security measures. Oxford Security Alarms responds to this challenge with a range of products designed to deter thieves and protect your prized possessions. From the Alpha Alarm Disc Lock, offering robust protection with its tamper-alert system, to the Boss Alarm Bike Lock, combining strength with high decibel alarms, each product is engineered with your motorcycle's safety in mind.

Innovative Solutions for Every Rider

Oxford Lever Lock Alarm

This compact yet powerful device is a must-have for riders. It attaches directly to your motorcycle's brake lever, rendering the bike immovable while activating a loud alarm if tampered with.

Alpha Alarm Disc Lock

Ideal for on-the-go security, this disc lock is a visual barrier and blasts a loud alarm when it detects movement, ensuring your bike remains where you left it.

Boss Alarm Bike Lock

This lock combines the obscurity of a heavy-duty lock with a built-in alarm, offering dual-layered protection against theft.

Security Alarm Padlock

For versatility, the Security Alarm Padlock can secure your bike to an immovable object or act as a standalone alarm system.

Oxford Alarm Bike Security

Oxford's range of alarm-enabled devices emphasizes all-around protection, keeping your bike safe at home, on the street, or during travel.

Alarm Chain Square Link Lock & Bigboss Security Chain Lock

These chain locks offer a formidable barrier against theft, with hardened steel links and alarms that sound upon tampering, deterring potential thieves.

Why Choose Oxford Motorcycle Alarms?

Advanced Security Features

Oxford's alarms are equipped with motion sensors, high-decibel alarms, and tamper alerts to provide comprehensive protection.


Constructed from high-quality materials, these locks are designed to withstand physical attacks and adverse weather conditions.


Despite their advanced features, Oxford's security products are easy to set up and use, ensuring you don't need to be a tech wizard to protect your bike.


With a range of products suited for different parts of your motorcycle, Oxford offers customizable security solutions to fit every rider's needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions FAQs:

Q: How does the Oxford Lever Lock Alarm work?
A: The Oxford Lever Lock Alarm attaches to your motorcycle's brake lever, immobilizing it. If the lock detects movement, it activates a loud alarm to deter theft.

Q: Can the Alpha Alarm Disc Lock be used on all types of motorcycles?
A: Yes, the Alpha Alarm Disc Lock is designed to fit most motorcycles with disc brakes. Its universal design ensures wide applicability.

Q: Are Oxford Motorcycle Alarms weather-resistant?
A: Absolutely! Oxford Motorcycle Alarms are built to endure various weather conditions, ensuring your motorcycle's security system remains operational regardless of the weather.

Q: How loud are the alarms on these security devices?
A: Oxford's security alarms are designed to be significantly loud, typically ranging from 100 to 120 decibels, to ensure they attract attention and deter thieves effectively.
I hope you got it! With Oxford, you're not just buying a lock; you're investing in the safety and security of your beloved motorcycle.

Find the ideal security solution for you by perusing our wide selection of security motorcycle alarms. Or, if you want other motorcycle riding gear or accessories related to your riding needs, you should browse a comprehensive collection of MAXIMO MOTO!

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