Oxford Motorcycle Stands

If you're a motorcycle enthusiast, you know that proper maintenance is essential to keeping your bike running smoothly and ensuring your safety on the road. One necessary tool for motorcycle maintenance is the paddock stand. Oxford, a trusted name in motorcycle accessories, offers a range of high-quality motorcycle stands designed to make your life easier.

Types of Oxford Motorcycle Stands

We carry numerous Oxford Motorbike Stands and show you how they can enhance your bike maintenance routine. Motorcycle Stands by Oxford represents the design, functionality, and reliability standard. Whether you're a professional technician, a racing enthusiast, or a casual rider, investing in a user-friendly motorcycle stand is essential for the care and maintenance of your bike.

With Oxford's innovative ZERO-G line and specialized paddock stands, you're guaranteed to find the perfect solution for your motorcycle needs. Upgrade the glance of your ride and experience the difference quality makes. Motorcycle Oxford Stand is the premier choice for riding enthusiasts who demand the best support and stability.

Whether performing maintenance, storage, or simply displaying your motorcycle, Oxford's range of paddock stands offers unparalleled quality and innovation.

Let's explore the different types of stands available and how they can enhance your motorcycle experience.

The Oxford Motorcycle Stands are a game changer. Here's why:

Strength and Stability:

Oxford's premium paddock stands are stronger and more stable than ever before. The compact frame construction ensures rigidity, making them reliable for all types of bikes.

Effortless Lifting

The extended handle provides high leverage, so lifting your bike requires minimal effort. Whether you're working on a lightweight sports bike or a hefty cruiser, these stands have covered your demands.


The rear stand comes with both L-shaped cups for swing arms and forks for bobbins, accommodating various bike designs. There is no need to purchase separate stands for different bikes!

Free Oxford Clean Grips

Use these grips on your handlebar grips while performing maintenance or attach them to the stand for comfortable lifting.

Max Load

With a maximum load capacity of 250kg, these stands are ready for any challenge.

The Oxford Premium Rear Paddock Stand is a reliable, affordable, and all-around solution that is impossible to go wrong with. It is easy to assemble, uncomplicated to operate, sturdy, excellently produced, and cheap to buy.

Oxford ZERO-G Paddock Stands

Oxford ZERO-G Rear Motorcycle Paddock Stand

Revolutionize how you maintain and display your motorcycle with the ZERO-G Rear Paddock Stand. Designed for stability and ease of use, this stand is a must-have for any serious rider.

Oxford ZERO-G LITEFront and Rear Motorcycle Paddock Stand

For those seeking the ultimate combination of lightweight design and durability, the ZERO-G LITE series provides exceptional support for both the front and rear of your motorcycle, making maintenance tasks a breeze.

Oxford ZERO-G - Front & Rear Dolly Motorcycle Stand Paddock

Take your bike's mobility to the next level with the ZERO-G Dolly Stand. The lockable tyres are perfect for turning your motorcycle in tight spaces; this stand offers flexibility without compromising on stability. The ZERO-G Paddock Stands take things up a notch

Impressive Strength

Rated to 300kg with a huge safety margin, these stands are rock-solid. In rigorous tensile tests, they've withstood at least 1800kg!

Catering to All Bikes

Whether you're a pitlane perfectionist or a DIY home mechanic, Oxford ZERO-G paddock stands to cater to every need. From sportbikes to cruisers, they've got you covered.
Specialized Stands for Every Motorbike

Front Motorcycle Paddock Stand

Essential for front-end maintenance and tyre changes, this stand ensures your bike stays secure while you operate.

Single-Sided Motorcycle Paddock Stand

Tailored for motorcycles with single-sided swingarms, this stand offers precise lifting and support, making it ideal for a variety of models.

Oxford ZERO-G Headstock Motorcycle Front Paddock Stands

When stability and access to the front wheel are paramount, the ZERO-G Headstock Stand is the go-to solution for professionals and enthusiasts alike.


Q: Why use a motorcycle paddock stand?
A: Paddock motorbike stands provide essential support for maintenance, storage, and display, ensuring your motorcycle remains stable and secure.

Q: Can I use these stands with any motorcycle?
A: Oxford offers a range of stands compatible with most motorcycle models. However, choosing a stand that matches your motorcycle's specific requirements is essential.

Q: How do I choose between a rear, front, or single-sided stand?
A: The choice depends on your needs. Rear stands are versatile for general maintenance, front stands are crucial for wheel and brake work, while single-sided stands are designed for bikes with single-sided swingarms.

Q: Are Oxford stands easy to use?
A: Yes, Oxford stands are designed with user-friendliness in mind, featuring easy assembly and operation for riders of all levels.

Q: Can I use Oxford stands for long-term storage?
A: Absolutely! Oxford stands are sturdy and reliable, making them perfect for elevating and securing your motorcycle during off-season storage.

Q: How do I choose the suitable paddock stand for my bike?
A: Consider your bike's design (swing arm or bobbins), weight, and stability requirements. Oxford stands offer versatile options.

Q: Can I use the Oxford Premium Rear Paddock Stand for heavy bikes?
A: Absolutely! Its robust construction makes it suitable for a wide range of heavy bikes.

Q: Are the ZERO-G Paddock Stands easy to assemble?
A: Yes, they're uncomplicated to build and use.

Q: Can I trust Oxford products for my motorcycle maintenance?
A: Oxford, established in 1973, is a global leader in motorcycle accessories. Their reputation speaks for itself.

At Maximo Moto, we carry a wide selection of motorcycle stands that not only meet but exceed rider expectations and continue to provide excellence long after their initial ride. As a result, we only sell reputable, tried, and trusted motorcycle riding gear brands in every price range.

Remember, investing in a high-quality paddock stand is an investment in your bike's longevity and peace of mind. Choose Oxford and elevate your bike maintenance experience with us!