Improve your motorcycle gear with the best clothing! The right motorcycle apparel not only showcases your style but also provides protection.


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Ladies Motorcycle Suits

Ladies motorcycle suits are designed to offer a tailored fit for female riders, combining safety features like reinforced armor with stylish, comfortable designs.
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Motorcycle Jackets Men

These CE approved jackets combine durability and comfort, suitable for all-weather riding, ensuring riders look good and stay secure on the road.
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Ladies Motorcycle Gloves

Maximo Moto offers a range of ladies' motorcycle gloves to ensure safety and style on every ride.
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Motorcycle Gloves Men

We stock all leading brands of men motorcycle gloves.
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Simpsons Motorcycle Helmets

Simpson motorcycle helmets are known for their distinctive style and robust protection.
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Alpinestars Leather Racing Suits

Alpinestars leather racing suits are a top choice for professional and amateur racers.
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Welcome to Our Motorcycle Clothing Collection

Discover our wide variety of motorcycle apparel, created to cater to the requirements of all riders. Our collection is great for experienced racers and everyday riders. It offers protection, comfort, and style for every ride. 

Check out our ultimate guide for choosing the appropriate motorcycle clothing that suits your riding preferences and necessities. We can help you choose the right motorcycle gear for different types of terrain like cities, highways, mountains, and race tracks.

Selecting Motorcycle Apparel for City Commuting

Opt for lightweight jackets and pants made from breathable materials that provide protection while keeping you comfortable.

Reinforced gloves are a must-have for safeguarding your hands during crowded traffic situations.

Include reflective elements in your apparel, such as panels or piping, to improve your visibility in urban settings.

Choosing the Right Gear for Road Trips

Long-lasting and Protective

Opt for clothing made from materials that can endure high speeds and extended travel.

Weather Resistance: 

Look for waterproof and windproof options to tackle various weather conditions.

Comfort for Extended Travel

Clothing with adjustable features like vents and stretch panels can enhance comfort during long rides.

Motorcycle Gear for Mountain Touring

Choose gear that you can easily layer to adjust to changes in temperature.

Sturdy Boots and Gloves

Make sure they provide excellent traction and ankle stability on rough terrain.

Reinforced Impact Zones

Additional padding or armor in critical areas is essential for mountain excursions.

Motorcycle Gear for Racing

Racing motorcycle gear provides excellent protection and aerodynamics. The gear includes one-piece suits made from high-performance materials such as Kevlar or carbon fiber. These materials are known for their durability and strength.

Our designers created the suits to keep you safe and comfortable during races. A custom fit is essential for safety and comfort at high speeds. 

Why Choose Our Motorcycle Clothing?

We only sell items from reliable brands that focus on motorcycle safety and quality, like Oxford Motorcycle Clothing.

Get the best value for your money with our motorcycle clothing sale and top-notch customer service.