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Mugello Circuit History Facts

by Maximo Moto 25 Jun 2024 0 Comments

Mugello Circuit History Facts

The Mugello Circuit, nestled in the picturesque Tuscan countryside, is a legendary race track with a rich history in motorsports. From its early days in 1914 to hosting premier MotoGP and Formula One events, Mugello has become synonymous with speed, skill, and scenic beauty.

The Beginnings of Mugello Circuit

  • Built in 1914, Mugello Circuit initially served local races and automotive testing.
  • The original track layout has undergone several transformations to meet modern racing standards.

Location and Scenery

  • Located in Scarperia e San Piero, Tuscany, Italy, Mugello offers a stunning backdrop of rolling hills and lush greenery.
  • The natural beauty of the area enhances the experience for both racers and spectators.

Ownership and Management

Ferrari Acquisition

  • In 1988, Ferrari acquired Mugello Circuit, ensuring its continued development.
  • Ferrari uses the circuit for Formula One testing and other high-performance automotive activities.

Impact of Ownership

  • Ferrari's involvement has brought significant investments in track maintenance and safety upgrades.

Evolution of the Track Layout

  • The track has seen numerous upgrades, with the most significant in 1974, resulting in the current layout.
  • These modifications have made Mugello one of the most challenging circuits in the world.

Current Layout

  • The circuit features 15 turns and a long straight, demanding precision and skill from drivers.
  • The layout includes fast corners and quick elevation changes, making it a favorite among racers.

Races and Events


  • Mugello has been a staple in the MotoGP World Championship since 1976.
  • The circuit is known for its passionate fans and thrilling races.

Motorcycle Racing

  • Besides MotoGP, Mugello hosts various motorcycle racing events, including the Italian Motorcycle Grand Prix.
  • The track's layout is particularly suited for high-speed motorcycle races, drawing top riders from around the world.

Formula One

  • In 2020, Mugello hosted its first Formula One Grand Prix, a special event due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • The race was a memorable addition to Mugello's history.

Other Events

  • Mugello also hosts events like the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM) and FIA GT Championship races.

Winners and Losers

Renowned Racers

  • Mugello has seen legendary racers like Valentino Rossi and Michael Schumacher take to its track.
  • These racers have left an indelible mark on Mugello's history.

Legendary Races

  • The 2004 MotoGP race is particularly famous, with Valentino Rossi securing a dramatic victory.
  • The 2020 Formula One Grand Prix was notable for Lewis Hamilton's triumph and the multiple crashes that occurred.

Controversies and Upsets

1992 Italian Motorcycle Grand Prix

Mick Doohan, the reigning world champion, was involved in a controversial crash that sidelined him for the rest of the season, impacting his championship chances significantly.

2006 MotoGP

Valentino Rossi's victory was marred by allegations of team orders and strategic manipulations, creating a stir in the racing community.

2011 MotoGP

Marco Simoncelli's aggressive riding style led to numerous clashes and crashes, including a significant incident at Mugello where he collided with Dani Pedrosa, causing Pedrosa to suffer a broken collarbone.

2019 MotoGP

The unexpected victory of Danilo Petrucci over Marc Marquez and Andrea Dovizioso was considered an upset. Petrucci, not typically seen as a top contender, outperformed the favorites in a dramatic finish.

2020 Formula One Grand Prix

The race was marked by multiple crashes, leading to red flags and restarts. The chaotic nature of the race and the involvement of top drivers in crashes led to debates about track safety and the suitability of Mugello for F1.

Prizes and Recognition

Awards and Prizes

  • Winners at Mugello receive prestigious trophies and significant monetary awards.
  • The circuit itself is highly regarded in the motorsport community.

Circuit Recognition

  • Mugello has been recognized for its exceptional track design and safety standards.

Winners and Runners-Up of MotoGP Races at Mugello

Here is a list of the winners and runners-up of the MotoGP races at Mugello since the inception of the modern MotoGP class in 2002, along with their countries and ages at the time of their wins:


Winner: Francesco Bagnaia (Italy, 26)

Runner-Up: Jorge Martin (Spain, 25)


Winner: Francesco Bagnaia (Italy, 25)

Runner-Up: Fabio Quartararo (France, 23)


Winner: Fabio Quartararo (France, 22)

Runner-Up: Miguel Oliveira (Portugal, 26)

2020: No race due to COVID-19 pandemic


Winner: Danilo Petrucci (Italy, 28)

Runner-Up: Marc Marquez (Spain, 26)


Winner: Jorge Lorenzo (Spain, 31)

Runner-Up: Andrea Dovizioso (Italy, 32)


Winner: Andrea Dovizioso (Italy, 31)

Runner-Up: Maverick Viñales (Spain, 22)


Winner: Jorge Lorenzo (Spain, 29)

Runner-Up: Marc Marquez (Spain, 23)


Winner: Jorge Lorenzo (Spain, 28)

Runner-Up: Andrea Iannone (Italy, 25)


Winner: Marc Marquez (Spain, 21)

Runner-Up: Jorge Lorenzo (Spain, 27)


Winner: Jorge Lorenzo (Spain, 26)

Runner-Up: Dani Pedrosa (Spain, 27)


Winner: Jorge Lorenzo (Spain, 25)

Runner-Up: Dani Pedrosa (Spain, 26)


Winner: Jorge Lorenzo (Spain, 24)

Runner-Up: Andrea Dovizioso (Italy, 25)


Winner: Dani Pedrosa (Spain, 24)

Runner-Up: Jorge Lorenzo (Spain, 23)


Winner: Casey Stoner (Australia, 23)

Runner-Up: Jorge Lorenzo (Spain, 22)


Winner: Valentino Rossi (Italy, 29)

Runner-Up: Casey Stoner (Australia, 22)


Winner: Valentino Rossi (Italy, 28)

Runner-Up: Dani Pedrosa (Spain, 21)


Winner: Valentino Rossi (Italy, 27)

Runner-Up: Loris Capirossi (Italy, 33)


Winner: Valentino Rossi (Italy, 26)

Runner-Up: Max Biaggi (Italy, 34)


Winner: Valentino Rossi (Italy, 25)

Runner-Up: Max Biaggi (Italy, 33)


Winner: Valentino Rossi (Italy, 24)

Runner-Up: Max Biaggi (Italy, 32)


Winner: Valentino Rossi (Italy, 23)

Runner-Up: Tohru Ukawa (Japan, 29)

Mugello Circuit's rich history and ongoing legacy make it a cornerstone of motorsport. From its scenic location to its challenging layout and memorable races, Mugello continues to captivate racing enthusiasts worldwide.

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