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Top 48 Women Motorcycle Racers - Personal and Professional Details

by Maximo Moto 26 Jun 2024 0 Comments

The world of motorcycle racing has seen remarkable women break barriers and achieve great feats, from Ana Carrasco, the first female to win a world championship in solo motorcycle road racing, to Maria Costello, known for her achievements at the Isle of Man TT. 

This blog post celebrates these trailblazers, delving into the personal and professional journeys of the top 50 women motorcycle racers. 

We highlight their major career achievements and the prestigious titles they've won, showcasing their diverse backgrounds and exceptional contributions to the sport. Their stories are a testament to skill, determination, and inspiration for future generations of racers.

Names of Top 48 Women Motorcycle Racers

Here is a detailed list of notable female motorcycle racers along with some highlights from their careers. 

Ana Carrasco (Spain) 

Maria Costello (UK) 

Jenny Tinmouth (UK)

Laia Sanz (Spain)

Katja Poensgen (Germany) 

Peggy Llewellyn (USA)

Alisha Abdullah (India) 

Debbie Evans (USA) 

Joi Harris (USA) 

Kiara Fontanesi (Italy)

Leslie Porterfield (USA)

Ashley Fiolek (USA) 

Tarah Gieger (USA)

Shayna Texter-Bauman (USA) 

María Herrera (Spain)

Courtney Duncan (New Zealand) 

Vicki Golden (USA)

Emma Bristow (UK)

Theresa Bauml (Germany)

Inge Stoll (Germany) 

Gina Bovaird (USA)

Taru Rinne (Finland)

Tomoko Igata (Japan)

Elena Rosell (Spain)

Avalon Biddle (New Zealand)

Stefy Bau (Italy)

Emma McFerran (Australia)

Sue Fish (USA)

Louise Forsley (USA)

Camelia Liparoti (Italy) 

Margot Llobera (Andorra) 

Ashley Fiolek (USA)

Muriel Hind (UK) 1882 - 1956

Nichole Cheza (USA)

Jess Gardiner (Australia)

Mercedes Gonzalez (USA)

Kiara Fontanesi (Italy) 

Ina Wilde (Germany)

Laia Sanz (Spain) 

Joanne Coles (UK)

Rebekah Cook (UK)

Betty and Nancy Debenham (UK)

Donna Fox (UK).

Louie McLean (UK) 

Sarah Duke (UK) 

Annie Seel (Sweden)

Angelle Sampey (USA)

Carolynn Sells (UK)

Inge Stoll (Germany)

Beryl Swain (UK) 

Personal and Professional Details of Top 49 Women Motorcycle Racers

Name Nationality Career Highlights Personal Details
Ana Carrasco Spain First female to win a world championship in solo motorcycle road racing. Born: 1997. Races in World Supersport 300 class.
Maria Costello UK Known for achievements at the Isle of Man TT races. Born: 1973. Awarded an MBE for services to motorcycling.
Jenny Tinmouth UK First British female to race in World Supersport and British Superbike Championship. Born: 1978. Holds the female lap record at the Isle of Man TT.
Laia Sanz Spain Multiple-time women's world champion in trials and enduro. Born: 1985. Competed in Dakar Rally, finishing in top positions.
Katja Poensgen Germany First female to score points in the 250cc Grand Prix class. Born: 1976. Won the 1998 Supermono European Championship.
Peggy Llewellyn USA First woman of color to win an NHRA professional motorsports event. Born: 1972. Raced in Pro Stock Motorcycle category.
Alisha Abdullah India India's first female national racing champion. Born: 1989. Competed in car racing and superbike racing.
Debbie Evans USA Renowned stunt performer and former motorcycle observed trials competitor. Born: 1958. Performed stunts in numerous Hollywood films.
Joi Harris USA First African American woman licensed as a motorcycle road racer. Born: 1977, Died: 2017. Passed away performing a stunt for Deadpool2 in Canada.
Kiara Fontanesi Italy Six-time FIM women's motocross world champion. Born: 1994. Competed in the Women's Motocross World Championship.
Leslie Porterfield USA Holds three land-speed records, member of the Bonneville 200 mph club. Born: 1976. Holds Guinness World Records.
Ashley Fiolek USA Deaf motocross racer, multiple-time AMA women's motocross champion. Born: 1990. Retired in 2012, now a stunt performer.
Tarah Gieger USA Successful motocross and supercross racer. Born: 1985. Competed in X Games, winning several medals.
Shayna Texter USA Prominent flat track motorcycle racer. Born: 1991. Races in American Flat Track series.
María Herrera Spain Competed in Moto3 and MotoE classes. Born: 1996. First female to win a race in the FIM CEV Repsol.
Courtney Duncan New Zealand Successful motocross racer. Born: 1995. Multiple-time WMX World Champion.
Vicki Golden USA X Games gold medalist in Women's Moto X Racing. Born: 1992. First woman to compete in a freestyle motocross competition.
Emma Bristow UK Multiple-time FIM Trial World Champion. Born: 1990. Dominant in women's trial events.
Theresa Bauml Germany Competitive trials rider. Born: 1997. Competed in Trial2 World Cup.
Inge Stoll Germany Competed in sidecar racing, first woman to race at the Isle of Man TT. Born: 1930, Died: 1958. Significant figure in sidecar racing.
Gina Bovaird USA Only female to compete in the 500 cc class. Competed in the 1982 French Grand Prix.
Taru Rinne Finland Competed in the 125cc class, scored multiple points. Born: 1968. One of the first women to compete in GP racing.
Tomoko Igata Japan Scored points in the 125cc class. Born: 1963. Competed in Grand Prix and Japanese championships.
Elena Rosell Spain Competed in Moto2 class. Born: 1986. First Spanish woman in Moto2.
Avalon Biddle New Zealand Competed in European Junior Cup. Born: 1992. Won the Women's European Junior Cup.
Stefy Bau Italy Successful motocross racer. Born: 1977. Competed in FIM Motocross World Championship.
Emma McFerran Australia Competed in motocross and freestyle motocross. Born: 1988. Notable for X Games participation.
Sue Fish USA Pioneering female motocross racer. Born: 1958. Known as "The Flying Fish".
Louise Forsley USA Competitor in motorcycle trials. Born: 1991. Competed in the Women's Trial2 World Championship.
Camelia Liparoti Italy Notable for participation in the Dakar Rally. Born: 1968. Competes in quad and SSV categories.
Margot Llobera Andorra Competed in cross-country rallies. Born: 1997. Competed in the Dakar Rally.
Muriel Hind UK Early pioneer in motorcycle racing. Active in the 1920s. One of the first female racers.
Nichole Cheza USA Prominent flat track motorcycle racer. Born: 1987. Competed in AMA Pro Flat Track.
Jess Gardiner Australia Successful enduro racer. Born: 1993. Multiple Australian Off-Road Championship titles.
Mercedes Gonzalez USA Competitor in motocross and supercross. Born: 1963. Dominant in the 1980s and 1990s.
Ina Wilde Germany Trials rider. Born: 1990. Competed in FIM Trial World Championship.
Joanne Coles UK Competitor in trials. Born: 1993. Competed in British and world trials championships.
Rebekah Cook UK Competitor in trials. Born: 1985. Multiple-time British Women's Trials Champion.
Betty & Nancy Debenham UK Early pioneers in motorcycle racing. Active in the 1920s. Among the first women in the sport.
Donna Fox UK Competitor in trials. Born: 1986. Competed in British and international events.
Louie McLean UK Competitor in trials. Born: 2001. Young competitor in British trials.
Sarah Duke UK Competitor in trials. Born: 1998. Competes in women's trials events.
Annie Seel Sweden Competitor in cross-country rallies. Born: 1968. Competed in Dakar Rally, finishing strong.
Angelle Sampey USA Multiple-time NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle champion. Born: 1970. Holds numerous records in NHRA.
Carolynn Sells UK Competitor in motorcycle road racing. First woman to win a race on the Isle of Man Mountain Course.
Beryl Swain UK First woman to compete in the solo class at the Isle of Man TT. Born: 1936, Died: 2007. Competed in 1962 TT.
Jolene Van Vugt Canada First CMRC Women’s Canadian Motocross National Champion. Born: 1980. Known for Nitro Circus performances.
Irmak Yasiyorum Turkey Turkish motorcycle racer. Born: 1995. Competes in national and international events.
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