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A Complete Guide to Have a Motorcycle Safety Suit with Features and Benefits.

by Maximo Moto 08 Sep 2021 0 Comments

Motorcycle Safety Suit

Looking cool on a motorcycle is one among the great things but being protected and cosy while on the bike to ride is the most worthy and mandatory thing. Bike riding without gear may also be a painful journey for you and if you're getting ready to ride in t-shirts, sneakers, shorts, or other apparel that doesn’t protect you as compare to a safety gear, then you're calling the hazard towards you.

Being safe often takes some effort because people don’t tend to try and do some struggles for being safe, they're virtually lazy. They don’t invest in buying over than they have already got. A best-fitted and designed motorcycle safety suit is usually such an essential element of any wardrobe due to its versatility. Motorcycle safety suit comes up in an exceedingly high level of protection and styles. If you're an expert rider and sometimes prefer to ride or plan for an adventurous riding tour then you ought to have a one-piece motorcycle riding suit for you to accomplish your ride. The one-piece suit has been a classy and magnificent icon for the riders preferring their protection with unique style. There's always a thing that creates trouble for a new rider is that, to choose from a one-piece or two-piece racing suit.

One-piece motorcycle riding suit

In these present days, the motorcycle safety suit includes a wealth of features to boost comfort and protection. One-piece is usually an excellent and ideal choice for track day riders due to the benefits of the features they have. It offers the proper protection and comfortability to the full body of a rider and its fit manufacturing keeps you safe in airflow while riding. Furthermore, the reinforced pads protection plays the main role in protecting the key points of the body and also keeps your bones and joints shielded; the sturdy made leather keeps your body parts secure from moulding or twisting. There are many racing suits having various latest features that make it difficult to steer and compare unique options. Depending on what season of the year you ride, you’ll find the perforated leather placed to offer airflow even on sunny or warmer days. They’re meant to be worn to stick with the skin to prevent any wind resistance when you move out for a few miles riding. These suits aren't designed for cold and wet conditions.

Most people invest in buying cheap gear with low quality, the cheap and poor-quality gear may be a waste of money. If you will invest in buying the “best quality” then it'll be with you for an extended time, but if you buy the cheap products then you'll pay more and more; your wardrobe is going to be filled with poor fitting, cheap leather, and low-quality protection pads and more, therefore always spend money on buying a high quality gear to secure you in the most minor and major incidents.

Features with detailed Explanation for safety and comfort

  • Sturdy made leather for the resistance from abrasion
  • Breathable mesh inner lining for the airflow
  • Double stitched Kevlar stretch panels at arms, crotch and back knees for the freedom of stretch and movement
  • Double leather reinforcement on the hips for the safety from abrasion
  • Stretch leather panels at knee, lower back and shoulders for the freedom of adjustment and comfort of flexibility
  • Perforated leather panels on the chest for venting
  • Aerodynamic hump for the protection of back bone and spinal
  • Knee sliders to secure the lower area of legs
  • CE-Approved protectors on the shoulder, elbow, hips and knees for the perfect protection of key points
  • Front long zipper offers the facility of air vent and easy to wear

When we discuss the word “protection” then the foremost thing that strolls in our minds, is the protection of full-body, then why forget the other safety gears (helmet, gloves, boots) to protect you. Explore our wide selection of the best quality motorcycle safety suit that suits you and your ride. Besides an amazing quality, you’ll find an excellent discount on motorbike gear. Motorcycle safety suits are “no doubt” one amongst our specialties for all racing and track day riding by the high level of experienced professional riders. Whether you're searching for a full of featured suits or one that complements your style on the bike; we've that a collection of designs to choose from. Let’s think about enormous savings! Buy a one-piece motorcycle safety suit from Maximo moto purely designed and tested on track by professional motorcycle riders with an unbeatable quality to enhance your protection.

We play fair, so please don’t hesitate to give us the chance to help you to find the perfect motorcycle safety suit you are looking for. If you are disturbed to choose your perfect size, contact our team by    

email : or call :  +44 7404 186188

Store Address: Unit 8 Astle park Off Cronehills Linkway, West Bromwich, B70 8NS.

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