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A step-by-step guide to buying motorcycle clothing

by Maximo Moto 11 Nov 2022 0 Comments

If you want to dive into the riders' world, there are several things to consider. Maybe you are a new rider or have some experience and what to learn more about this or want to buy new rider gear; it seems like a difficult task, and that's why we are here to serve you. We will provide you with general information and a step-by-step guide to motorcycle clothing.

We usually don't care about our motorcycle clothing, and please don't fool yourself by thinking that everyday clothing will serve the same purpose as motorcycle clothing. We must understand the worth of motorcycle clothing and accessories; they serve as our first defence line. They protect you in all seasons, day and night, and all weather conditions. The primary purpose is to get safe from crash Protection; we all know it better. In our childhood, we all fell from running and got an injury; now, comparing it with our motorbike race, where the speed is breakneck compared to running, we can imagine how dangerous damage can be.


               Motorcycle jackets are essential to wear because they protect your body against an accident. There are two types of jackets Textile jackets and leather jackets. There is a better option than jackets that already have fitted protectors. The amours must be good quality, and the fabric must be thick and resistant, so in case of road slide, it doesn't tear off easily and protects the point of contact.

Everyone wants a comfortable environment, and the riders need it the most because they are in a situation where a small mistake can lead them to massive losses, and God forbid it can be a loss of life. So, a jacket must be comfortable and easy to move with arms, shoulders, and elbows.

Now the factor is coming which you are waiting for, and that is Fashion. Being riders, we must be aware of safety measures and follow fashion trends to get a better look and feel. It is one of the biggest challenges to give better design to a customer by maintaining the safety measure.

The textile jacket is more recommended because it is affordable and provides more features and options than Leather jackets.


              Gloves are only used to grip accelerators, but they are more than that. They provide you with safety against abrasion. It has layers on the palm, so if you fall from the bike, you can balance yourself from your hands without abrasion. There are different types of gloves, like summer, winter, and Racing. You can also have the option of touch to use your touchable while wearing gloves.


           You have to be fully protected when you are in Ultimate Moto Racing. Suits are here to serve this situation. There are two types of suits 1 piece suits and 2 piece suits. When we talk about Comfort ability and flexibility, suits can't perform this task because they are made to secure you. As we know, Protection is inversely proportional to comfortability and flexibility.

Shua Infinity is one of the best riding suits. It is manufactured with 100% Leather. Advanced design technology is utilised to provide you with maximum safety and flexibility. The main features are:

  • Fixed mesh lining and Stretch fabric at the elbow and back knee to provide flexibility & comfort.
  • CE Approved the knee, hip, and elbow internal protectors.
  • The knees, back waist and back armhole, have elastic leather panels to provide comfortable & flexible movement.
  • Elbow, shoulders and seats have double-layer leather.
  • Tail bone padding and an option to remove knee sliders.



           We usually use simple boots for riding, but racers recommend that you should use racing shoes because they are made to protect your foot from damage in case of an accident.

It has features like amours for inside and outside ankle, waterproof, and some also provide you option of a breathable membrane already built-in construction.


           Regular pant doesn't protect you from motorcycle accident because it has less resistance power against abrasion. Pants are classified as leather, textile, and denim. They look like everyday pants, but their material differs from theirs. Regular pant is made up of cotton, which is not safe to wear because they can resist for half a second, while on the other hand, racing pant has the power of resistance of about eleven seconds. If you have Jeans that include Kevlar panels, then it's icing on the cake.


                       According to statistics, most of the causalities happen due to damage to the head. If you are a rider, you must be strict about wearing a helmet because the brain is the main organ in the human body, as it provides instructions to other parts of the body.

Different types of helmets include modular, motocross, full-face, and flip-up.

You can buy all these items on, which provides you with products in different designs, price ranges, and discounts.


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