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Motorcycle Jackets and Trousers: Stay Warm and Ride with Comfort This Winter

by Maximo Moto 13 Dec 2021 0 Comments

Some of those motorbike riders who are true enthusiasts know the importance that when and how to utilize a perfect pair of motorcycle jackets and trousers in the proper season. Sometimes, a jacket made of leather material is too hot due to the hottest days or it doesn’t offer the water-resistant properties, which are given in multi-seasonal textile jackets. Textile jackets can be extra ventilated for hot summer days or maybe those are designed with several layers and thermal lining to accommodate winter rides. They are rounded up in an incredible variety of styles with numerous features that make riding more comfortable regardless of each type of temperature. If you are confused about which textile jacket is the best for your needs, we will help you out with some tips for choosing the best motorcycle jackets and trousers for your winter and summer rides. Check out the features and specification options in the buying guide below.


Features to Keep in Mind Before Buying

ARMOR: Many textile jackets with CE-approved Armor protection are designed to protect various parts of your body, including your back, elbows, shoulders, and trousers for the safety of your thighs and knees. Not all brands of motorcycle clothing include Armor, but some do. Some of them offer removable and replaceable Armor protection in their motorbike safety gear.

COMFORT: Choose the most comfortable textile motorcycle jackets and trousers you can find for your snug and even for a long ride. The leather jackets are a little bit softer and they are also heavier. But the textile jackets are lighter and more flexible to offer quite fit, so they tend to fit a little differently than leather products because textile will be able to take your body shape that appears classy. If you are feeling uncomfortable while riding a motorbike, it will be distracting and dangerous. So always prefer comfort over style.

WATERPROOF: If you are looking for the best waterproof pair of textile motorcycle jackets and trousers, you have to make sure that most of them are fully waterproof, while others are simply water-resistant. Many textile jackets and trousers are designed to hold up well in windy and rainy conditions to keep you safe while riding in any quite weather.

POCKETS: It can be frustrating if you don't have a lot of pockets in your jacket or trouser to carry a lot of stuff, including your wallet, phone, and keys, etc. Most motorcycle jackets have two outside pockets, and some have one or two inner pockets. Just determine what you need before purchasing.

Ventilation: If you are riding in the summer days, a ventilated motorcycle jacket with paired trousers is essential. It can get too warm but less than leather when the temperature rises, which might cause you to sweat. The more ventilation you avail, the more relaxed you will be. Textile motorcycle jackets and trousers are extensively cool in summer than leather apparel, and some even featured vents, which you will be able to close on chillier rides.

NIGHT VISIBILITY: Other motorcycle riders must see you when you're riding at night. While your bike has lights and reflectors, it's also a good idea to have reflective feature details on your gear, including your jackets and trousers. Most motorcycle jackets and trousers are featured with reflective details on their sleeves, chest, and back that will be a cause to make you more visible in the dark to be safe from other motorists 


Benefits of Textile Motorcycle Jackets and Trousers

  • ProtectionSeveral people prefer leather jackets for their optimal protection despite, on the other hand, textile jackets and trousers also have great options at protecting your body from an accident and each type of weather condition. That's because many brands include Armor that protects joints, such as the elbows, chest, back, and shoulders.
  • Style: The great thing about textile motorcycle jackets and trousers is that they come in a huge variety of colours and designs including armoured protection with unique style. You can choose one that matches your bike and/or your style for touring or casual rides.
  • Affordable: While the price of textile jackets and trousers varies depending on the brand and the worth of given features in them, most of them are reasonably priced. They lean to be much less expensive than other kinds of jackets and trousers, particularly leather ones.

List of Some pairs by Maximo Moto

  1. Watson Touring Jacket & Textile Pant
  2. Crossroad Extreme Winter Jacket & Pant
  3. Transformer Jacket & Pant
  4. Onsaker Jacket & Tour to Snow Pant

These pairs are specifically organized with armour protection for your off-road and on-road rides. Protect yourself while riding during the summer and winter months with these pairs of textile motorcycle jackets and trousers. These pairs are designed by including CE-certified armour protection at some key points. Another notable and distinctive feature you will not find on many textile jackets is an adjustable waist strap for a custom fit.

Some Basic Features:

Superior airflow due to mesh and direct vents construction

Comfortable and a great fit

Stylish and tapered look

Smooth operating main zippers and pocket zippers

Durable and Lightweight


Maximo Moto is a world-renowned brand that offers quality and adequate motorcycle gear at the insanely lowest prices. Motorcycle jackets and trousers by Maximo Moto come in different colour variations and features with coloured accents. So, choose your best pair of textile motorcycle jackets and trousers and make your touring journey better for the rest of your life.

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                                             STAY CALM, RIDE SAFE!

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