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Protect your hands – Protect your future | Bela Storm Riding Gloves

by Maximo Moto 21 Apr 2022 0 Comments
Wrists, skin, fingers, and "no doubt" the bones of your hands are extremely delicate parts of your body. If you ride with bare hands and a sudden incident happens, then the first object you'll use for your safety are also your hands; and in that case, may well be possible that your fingers will vanish or the skin of your hands or it's going to be the reason behind breakage of your bones. Therefore, an excellent pair of riding gloves for bikers is the most mandatory piece of gear to keep you safe and provide you all-time a snug and smooth ride. Always choose the pair of gloves; manufactured from an abrasion-resistant material with reinforced protection on the knuckles and extra protection on the palm.
riding gloves for bikers 

They'll also deliver you complete comfort from the heat and wind pressure on the rides during summer days and offer you a powerful grip while riding. We have come up with an extensive range of Leather gloves, waterproof gloves, summer gloves, winter gloves, spring gloves, and racing gloves for each type of weather to suit men and women. The professional riders know and follow the precautionary measures of riding, and they enjoy their rides without a hassle. All motorcycle enthusiasts should be preserved by protective motorbike gear for their utmost protection. The hands of riders are one of the most critical body parts so they also require a high level of safety standards. Whether you're a novice rider or an experienced one, the fabulous pair of Bela Storm riding gloves are perfect for your exquisite rides.


riding gloves for bikers

This pair of Bela Storm Gloves have been made for those who want to be protected from the elements. The palm is constructed out of a super durable fabric that will keep your hands safe from abrasion & wound in any type of weather, no matter how harsh it gets!

The palm of the hand provides not only strength but also sensitivity concerning how we grip the handlebars of the motorcycle. It's important to wear that pair of gloves having palm protection while riding a motorcycle.

Knuckle Protection:

riding gloves for bikers

The PU knuckle protectors are to help absorb the impact of a collision, reduce hand fatigue and prevent injury. These come in various styles and sizes to suit different people's needs. The knuckles of your hands are the most vulnerable part when you ride a motorcycle, so it's essential to wear gloves with rigid protection there. This will help to absorb any blows from an unexpected impact or debris on the road ahead and keep it safe for riding long distances without worrying about hurting yourself.


riding gloves for bikers

The Bela Storm riding gloves are made from anti-abrasion cowhide leather & designed specially to provide you with the ultimate protection. Not only, do they have premium stitching but also nylon stretch fabric on the wrists so you can easily take them off when it's time, without worrying about damaging anything else!


riding gloves for bikers

If you are trying to find the perfect pair of motorcycle riding gloves that may handle any atmospheric conditions for your lavish rides, this one pair of Bela Storm riding gloves may just be what your hands need. These gloves are made with a waterproof, breathable membrane & Hipora material in critical times when it matters most to keep your hands dry in even the wettest conditions!


riding gloves for bikers

Get your hands on the latest technological innovation! These motorcycle riding gloves have been designed to come equipped with a touchscreen-compatible smart tip in place of the forefinger & thumb. The moment you put on the new touch screen smart tip, your fingers will be able to control and use all aspects of your mobile device with ease, especially when you need to take your phone out of its case and use it at the same time!

Latest Innovation of Visor:

riding gloves for bikers

The TPR visor wipe is designed to keep your screen clear during rainy days and it has been proven effective in wiping out water drops from the visor screen.  It has an easy-to-use design so you don't have any trouble wiping away water droplets or smudges on the attached handle, even when it's pouring outside!

Anti-Slip Material:

riding gloves for bikers

The ergonomic design of the palm ensures a strong and comfortable grip while riding your bike. The reinforced silicone printed Clarino material gives you extra traction and control even in adverse conditions! The best way for me personally; is when I ride outside where there's snow on top and it starts getting slippery; then I just put on these gloves over my hands and never get worried about losing hold again.


riding gloves for bikers

The gripping power and flexibility of these gloves are enhanced by the pre-curved fingers shape, which makes it easier to hold on while riding. The comfort stretch panels allowed for better adjustment according to your needs so you can ride with ease!

Extra Features:

The Bela Storm motorcycle riding gloves has lined with thermal material to keep your hands warm when it's cold outside. These gloves will keep your hands comfortably warm in even the coldest conditions with a Thinsulate thermal lining inside. The dual adjustable Velcro closure on the wrists and cuffs will ensure that you are safe while out on your next adventure with these gloves.

Need a superb winter glove? Look no further than the Bela Storm Riding Glove from Maximo Moto. This tough and durable pair will keep your hands warm even on colder days when you need them most!

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