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Top 10 Motorbike Routes in the UK to Ride Easy and Free

by Maximo Moto 26 Oct 2021 0 Comments

Best Motorcycle Riding Routes in the UK

When you often think of riding on the best motorcycle routes in the world, your mind suddenly wanders to far-off places with incredible huge mountainous views, sun-soaked coastal roads, and mountain passes scenery. We believe that the UK has some of the best motorcycle routes in the world by having all this incredible scenery and views.  Everybody knows that increasingly motorcycle touring has been taken place in the life of each bike rider; therefore, we’ve rounded up the most incredible and iconic roads of the UK for you, which covers all areas of the UK around.

We will never let you travel the world to find great scenery motorcycle routes because we have listed down the best routes in the UK for you to experience the pleasure of riding on the best roads. You must need to get bent on visiting these best scenic routes by road trip at the starting days of winter. Here in the UK, we have the best motorcycle roads going; so, before get going to your ride must carry your motorcycle gear to hit the roads. No matter where are you from and where you are, a beautiful ride is waiting for you through the excellent roads of the UK.

We have searched and selected the best motorcycle roads/routes in the UK you must need to visit.

  1. The Cat and Fiddle

The cat and fiddle road has become an iconic route for motorcycle riders from all over the UK. It attracts thousands of riders of the UK and other countries while being 11.5 miles long way passing through the peak district national park; road cuts having stunning scenery, and lots of windy bends and rolling tarmac.

  1. Black Mountain Pass, Wales

Riders who are always way out for a long ride on the routes of the UK know that it is most difficult to choose the best road for bike riding in wales because wales have many best routes to choose from. According to my way, “Black Mountain Pass” meets the edges. It’s been stretched out for miles ahead with twisty turns, up and down huge climbs, magical mountain views, and the points you want to see passing through Brecon beacons national park. Undoubtedly, the black mountain pass in wales is a road worth riding.

  1. The North Coast 500, Scotland

The north coast 500 is arguably considered an iconic road of the UK that starts in Inverness and cuts across the highlands to the west coast of Scotland. You will be treated to incredible scenery and excellent facilities to challenging roads by riding on north coast 500. We promise that there will be plenty of opportunities are worthy of a week-long adventure because of its long route of more than 500 miles; so obviously, it’s not going your single day trip.

  1. Keswick to Cockermouth

Keswick to Cockermouth route passes through the national park of Lake District; undoubtedly, it’s an amazing route for all types of tourists for camping, cycling, motorcycle riding to its epic mountain peaks and the scenic and stunning lakes for adventures. It starts from Derwent water and a spread & breath taking forest then Bassenthwaite Lake. Besides admiring the incredible views from the top, the route that goes down to the lakes also looks amazing.

  1. The Snake Pass Route

The snake pass passes through Peak District, which is known as the heart of England. It's made between Glossop and Ladybower reservoir on the A57 spread on the loop of 65 miles covered by incredible scenery and winding roads of the Peak District; specially made for a great day out on a motorcycle. It has excellent roads, and most of us can fit easily in a long day out.

      6- Brecon Beacons – South Wales
Brecon Beacons hold the most incredible scenery in the UK to satisfy most riders to make a ride around the national park of Brecon Beacons. These tracks often get too much busy at the weekend and most riders can tend to be suffering from some hazards and rainy or cold weather conditions. It has incredible coastlines, mountains, rolling hills, and lakes that offer the sensation of heaven to a rider.


     7-West Cornwall Coast Road

This coastal road is spread around 13 miles away by offering incredible scenery, twisting county lanes, the Celtic Sea, and Cornish moorland. It is the longest route in southwestern Cornwall, and it takes two hours of motorcycle riding. If you ride once on this route, you will probably wish to ride again on west Cornwall coast road.

  1. Cheddar Gorge - B3135

Cheddar Gorge route spread on 14 miles, and it offers stunning scenery that encapsulates you to feel like riding between cliffs on another side. This route is full of the most spectacular and unique natural sights; and several walking footpaths around the UK.

  1. North Devon Coast Road

It is one of the least interrupted coastal roads, and it spreads around 63 miles in the Exmoor National Park of the UK, mixing it up with steep climbs and quaint villages. It is famed for plenty of steep hills. North Devon coast road has some fantastic views across coastal, scenery, Islands and, it also has been risen over the years to become the iconic destination for spending memorable holidays.

  1. Coast to Coast

The Coast to Coast has stunning scenery along the A66; from east to west passing through the Lake District, over the Pennines, and to the railway paths of County Durham, it has the most iconic and incredible routes by having attractive and unique scenery which are capable of walking, and it has also spread out to the miles. Coast to Coast route will allow you to experience the most gentle and ideal walk of the mountains of Lake District to see the best of Yorkshire Dales.

When you plan to way out for a road trip or a casual ride, you make sure to be prepared any time to be pleasant and safe for your epic adventure; and don’t forget to carry moto wear accessories and gadgets with you ever. Your safety is your priority, and you should never ride without motorbike gear and accessories like boots, helmets, and gloves.

Ride safe, Stay safe!

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