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Why is the Maximo Moto Racing boot so famous?

by Maximo Moto 18 Nov 2022 0 Comments

If you are here looking for the best racing boots, that means you are a true biking enthusiast. And that's not your fault the ride, and road adventure is enough to put everyone's love into it.

After your gloves, your shoes are the one that gives you a good biking experience from grip to gear shift. Simple boots cannot serve the purpose of racing, so you need customized boots for it that are designed to keep you on a ride for hours and protect your foot and ankle on the first line of defense.

Many brands are working on motorbike apparel, but the question arises as to why Maximo moto is so famous, especially in racing boots so; here we will discuss the reasons:


          A comfortable environment is an important factor for riders because a single slip can cause multiple injuries. So it's better to use shoes that provide you with comfort in all weathers over a single sole. You can also use heat-resistant and waterproof boots to maintain your body temperature according to the weather. Maximo moto's all-weather motorcycle boots will provide you best comfort and protection.


            When you are riding at high speed, every event can cause an impact. Small stones, pieces of garbage, or branches can create an impact that can cause injury on your feet, knees, or ankle because any impact on your legs is absorbed by these. There are also chances of accidents on roads, but these can't stop you from riding, and the best solution to solve a problem is to face it. Maximo moto is perfect for this responsibility; they have designed boots having armor and external padding with multiple layers that help to face these issues.

Maximo Moto UK


            Suppose you are on a long route and wearing simple boots that cause abrasion and you have limited baggage with you that doesn't include a medical kit. Here the best practice of prevention is to have abrasion-resistant boots, and that is why Maximo moto is so famous; they provide your boots with this unique feature that will safeguard your knees, toes, ankles and feet from abrasion and peeling.

Water Proof:

                       When we buy shoes, our first priority is to use them for the long term, and in any circumstances, that is the reason we added a waterproof feature in our shoes; now it doesn't matter what the weather condition is, how watery the road is you can enjoy your ride without any hesitation.

CE approved:

                       Our boots are CE-approved, and they contain all the protective measures to protect you from any incident. They have extra protection on the knee, feet, ankle, and toes because all weight lies on your feet, so they must be protected more.

If you don't know about CE certification, then you can read our article on it.

Our top-rated motorcycle boots include Shua Super Tech, Bela Junior, Bela Master Man, Bela Trophy, and many more. These are manufactured by fulfilling all protocols mentioned above. This makes them rank no 1 in the competition. Let's discuss them.

Bela Master Man:

                                   Bela master man is a racing boot; it's very light in weight and CE-approved, so you can get your bike without any hesitation. It has flexible panels, and breathable material is used in the internal component. High-quality Velcro closure and KYX zipper are used to provide you with maximum comfort. The heel is kept hard for protection and also has shin protectors.

Bela Trophy:

                       Bela trophy shorts is a touring boots for both males and females. It has air mesh breathable lining. Textile material and suede leather are used with high wear resistance. It includes a Velcro strap with a secure lacing system. A high-quality sole is used to provide a good grip.

Shua Super Tech:

                   Shua super tech is waterproof and has a breathable membrane. It has protection on the feet, toe, ankle, and heel. It is comfortable to wear and acts as a good resister against abrasion, so it enhances your experience of riding.  

Maximo Moto UK

Bela Junior:

             Bela junior is a waterproof boot and is a combination of protection and comfort. They include two buckles for the closure of the boot. The inner side of the boot includes 100% non-slip rubber, and the outside is very comfortable, which you will not find in any other boot. 

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