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What to Wear When It’s Hot Weather Outside? (Beginners Guide)

by Maximo Moto 29 Jun 2022 0 Comments

What to wear when it comes to hanging out on your motorcycle in the bruising heat of the summer months? While researching this topic, I found that there was a wide range of opinions among riders on whether the leather gear they wear in the heat is worth the trouble and expense. 

However, this is a common mistake as the leather protective gear is built to withstand all kinds of weather. If leather is your choice or if you’re looking for protection, then the best jackets are leather jackets because leather is the most protective and durable material out there, but the reality is that everyone can be vulnerable to heat-related problems. From dying from heat exhaustion to losing a limb and suffering burns, to heat stroke, heat-related illnesses can be a real concern. Despite the fact that many motorcycle riding enthusiasts in the UK are aware of the risks related to riding in the heat, most do not wear the proper protective gear. But, there are ways to protect yourself. 

Certainly, you need specially formulated fabrics with nearly 100% water-proof and breathable properties, that'll keep you dry and comfortable during your rides in the harshest of summer conditions. During summer, the most common cause of accidents is dehydration while riding. In the event, that a rider becomes dehydrated as a result of rigid warmth, their cognitive ability to make quick and accurate decisions drops significantly, making them more likely to meet with an accident.

Essentials to Wear in Summer

Our goal in this article is to provide you with some general tips on riding safely in the summer, as well as a few suggestions on how to outfit yourself for a safe ride. Keep reading to learn what gear you'll need to stay hydrated and cool inside during the scorching summer months. 

  • Light-weight Riding Jacket

Investing in a lightweight textile motorcycle riding jacket with removable lining and armor is the best option if you have a tight budget and cannot afford expensive riding gear. Moreover, be confident to invest in a high-quality vented jacket to facilitate airflow during long rides on your bike, nevertheless of how hot the weather is. When choosing the right protective gear for hot weather, it is important to select materials that will keep you cool for a long period of time.

  • Breathable Motorcycle Riding Boots

When riding your motorcycle in a hot temperature, it is crucial to ensure that your feet are still comfortable. Maximo Moto is the place, where you can get the particular type of breathable Motorcycle Riding Boots. A high-quality shock absorption sole system, increased airflow, and ankle support is some of the features included in these Boots. The necessities of an adventurer for both, protection and comfort are met by these specially designed boots

  • Summer Motorcycle Riding Gloves

It is difficult to find a better pair of gloves to keep your hands cool and comfortable while riding a motorcycle in extreme heat than these evaporative cooling summer motorcycle riding gloves. They have been specially designed with a fabric that absorbs and releases moisture within the gloves. 

  • Breathable Riding Pant

Despite the fact that breathable riding pants are simulated with special material, you don't have to worry about your skin feeling rigid while wearing them for a long day ride. These pants have been invented to provide a rider with comfort on hot days, as well as durability on the road. 

  • Cool & Light Colored Protective Gear

Wearing light-colored protective gear that will reflect heat from your body instead of absorbing it is an inexpensive yet effective way to protect yourself from the sun’s rays.

As a result, if your gear absorbs heat, then you'll most certainly burn from inside. When we talk about 'light-colored clothing,' what do we mean? It means that light colors are better for your skin since they don't absorb heat from the sun.

  • Flip-Up Motorcycle Riding Helmet

You must face a challenging reality when riding on hot days, in order to avoid being overheated. In my view, the best option to keep your face safe from burning by the sun is “flip-up helmets”. You can flip it up or down by your choice when you needed to do it. There is a huge stock of the best helmets online & in-store to choose from at Maximo Moto.

  • Protected Vest Under a Baselayer

While riding on summer days you must need the maximum level of protection from heat & abrasion. So, now you can obtain these two factors at the same time by just wearing an armored vest under a summer base layer. 

Never Deny These Tips Before You Head Over for Riding in the Summer Heat 

  1. Stay Hydrated
  2. Bring a Water Bottle 
  3. Take Small Breaks Under a Shelter or Tree
  4. Carry a Hydra pack
  5. Take Rests in Between
  6. Avoid Riding During the Hottest Part of the Day



Now you comprehend all the summer gear and some valuable tips, that you need to ride your motorcycle on a hot day. We hope that you now have the perfect idea of how to stay cool in the hot weather and look good in the extreme heat while making sure that your skin stays safe from the harmful rays during summer days.

So, always prioritize your safety and ride your bike with focus and concentration in hot weather conditions to be safe from dehydration or heat stroke. You must visit Maximo Moto for obtaining this worthy gear for summer rides.

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