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Which Type is the Best for Buying Motorcycle Jeans?

by Maximo Moto 27 Jun 2022 0 Comments

If you’re like many people, you’ve probably bought a pair of jeans at some point in your life. Maybe you’ve even bought a few pairs at once. But have you ever stopped to think about which kind of jeans is the best to buy? You’ve probably bought a pair of jeans that fit well and are comfortable, but do you know what else they can do for your style and protection?

The first thing you notice when you look at your Motorcycle Riding Gear. The right pair can enhance your look and make you feel confident, Comfortable, & protected also. This is why it's so important to choose the right pair when you're out to buy motorcycle jeans.

In the past, if you rode a motorcycle then you almost certainly wore leather trousers, but now, thanks to new abrasion-resistant technologies, motorcycle riding jeans has become a viable and sometimes even safer alternative.

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Essentials to Buy Motorcycle Jeans:

Impact protection:

Riding pants with reinforced knees, chafing-resistant synthetic fabrics, and other construction features deliver all the protection that you need, without being cumbersome or uncomfortable. Choose armor for a jean that has pockets for as many impact points (knees, hips, shins, etc) as you feel comfortable with. That maximizes protection without impeding your mobility.

This can be difficult to know, as there are many different makes and models of armor that are all very similar, but once you find it you’ll be very happy. You should look around on the Internet and read some armor tech basics to get up to speed on the basics of what armor is. You’ll quickly see that there are a number of impact protection riding jeans available to you, depending on what your goals are, at what price point, and so on.

Denim Jeans:

Whether you fall off your motorcycle or not, raw denim is not going to protect you. There is no protection from impact or abrasion provided by regular denim no matter how 'heavy' it may be or how thick the padding may be. When you fall off a motorcycle at speed, you can get grazes, rashes, and lose skin, if you are wearing just normal jeans. Consequently, we advise you to wear only abrasion-resistance advanced types of Motorcycle denim while riding your motorcycle.

Kevlar Jeans:

Originally, riding jeans were made from denim that was lined with Kevlar. During a fall, these internal panels would eliminate the denim from contact with the road while protecting the rider from major abrasions. Combined with the denim, the Kevlar lining made these trousers extremely heavy and hot.

Denim and Kevlar have been woven together into a 'single' fabric over the years as technology has developed. Despite being lighter and easier to wear, these jeans are safer than heavier, lined versions. Every decision in life has pros and cons, and ultimately it depends on your preferences. On our Maximo Moto store, you can find a variety of Kevlar jeans.

Cordura Jeans:

A fabric with a high degree of resistance to tearing and scuffing, Cordura is another durable fabric that is designed to withstand heavy use. Originally Cordura is now used extensively in outdoor clothing and gear because of its resistance to abrasion. It is a type of nylon fabric, which is also a synthetic material and is often color-dyed to make it appear more natural. Cordura is also highly resistant to the elements, meaning it holds together under low temperatures and doesn’t stretch or shrink as much as other fabrics.

We have a huge variety of Cordura-made pants in our store. They’re made to be tough and durable and they’re a great choice for those who need their pants to last a long time without being too restrictive. They also look great - they’re a classic, masculine style, and they come in a range of colors and styles to suit any guy.

Aramid Jeans:

Aramid fibers are referred to as high-performance fibers and for a good reason. Aramid fabrics are thinner and more durable than traditional modacrylics, and also have excellent strength properties and water and stain repellent capabilities. These Pants are able to withstand extreme temperatures and high-impact forces and are often used in protective clothing and vehicle armor. These synthetic fibers are inherently flame and heat-resistant so, always prefer the motorcycle jeans made with aramid fabric properties.

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Brand(Where to Buy):

How do you decide which motorcycle jeans are well-made and will keep you safe and warm while riding? There are a lot of brands that sell motorcycle jeans, but how do you know which are genuinely well-made? We have hand-picked our favorite, trusted motorcycle jeans brand and stock them in our store at Maximo Moto, to save you the hassle of endlessly searching the web!


Riding pants with a deep stretch and strong abrasion-resistance properties made a big difference in the climate of riding pants. They changed the way I felt when I rode my bike and significantly increased the level of comfort, which is an important attribute of these pants. Riding pants also looked better than normal jeans, and I found that they enhanced the appearance of my bike and you can ride in the summer heat. Buy Motorcycle Jeans to maximize your style, comfort, & protection for the rest of your life.

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